Transforming the Thames

For a long time, the river Thames has been a source of pollutants and waste, making an eyesore of parts of the City of London at low tide. This month a group of lawyers, accountants, and investigators joined forces to try and do something about that.

Working together to protect the environment

FRP and Osborne Clarke met at one of London's worst offending sites in Greenwich and, in partnership with the wonderful team at Thames 21, set out to collect as much litter from the riverbank as possible. In three short hours we filled a large waste storage box designed to hold approximately 300 household bin bags. Amongst the rubbish pile were old car tyres, shoes, rope, an assortment of plastics and fibreglass, a scooter and even a pressure washer. 

It was muddy, messy, hard work but the consensus across the volunteer group was that we had a great time working together to clean-up the foreshore together. 

There is plenty left to do! How can you help?

Whilst everyone who came along worked tirelessly to affect change in this section of the riverbank, there are miles and miles of river and waterways which remain unloved and over polluted with debris and rubbish. Thames 21 run a variety of clean-up events throughout the year, and we would encourage you to take a look at their website or get in touch to find out more about how you can help protect the thing that brought London into being, the river Thames.

A special thanks

We would like to thank the team at Thames 21 for their relentless efforts working with communities to enhance and protect our local rivers and for educating us on the impact clean-up activities can have on the local people and wildlife in these areas. 

FRP would also like to thank our friends at Osborne Clarke for joining us on the foreshore clean-up and helping us to do something good for the environment. From the special projects group to the pram patrollers, the straw hunters to the scooter scourers, your hard work was greatly appreciated and the environment slightly better because of it. 

We look forward to our next CSR collaboration. Small changes can make a big difference.