Hosting FRP’s brand new podcast, Mind.Set has allowed me to immerse myself in the journeys of guests from all walks of life. With each episode exploring inspiring and unfiltered stories, they’ve provided me with powerful new perspectives which demonstrate how embracing adversity can lead to positive change.

Episode one, ‘Resilience and reinvention: From tackles to triumphs,’  follows the journey of ex-Wasps Rugby Player, Alistair Bone, who experienced life changing news leading to a dramatic shift in his career path. This was a hugely enriching discussion, with valuable tips and tools to help you through the inevitable challenges that life throws at us.

Here’s a rundown of my top 5 takeaways from our conversation:  

Throughout our conversation, Alistair unpacked how despite the adversity 

  1. Change is your friend

Our first episode of the Mind.Set podcast was a wonderful conversation. It struck me how open to change Alistair was once he reached the point of accepting his outcome and the ultimate conclusion of his professional rugby career. The ability to change and adapt has clearly been a big part of Alistair’s journey into his new career as VP Sales at Passle, and one that is paying dividends for him.

      2. Live and let go of control

Like most of us, finding acceptance over something we can’t control, and that negatively impacts us in our professional journey is an incredibly difficult task. But once found, it opens up new doorways that never would have existed.  

       3. Guide your own path 

Alistair highlights that although you can’t control what happens to you, you can find ways to control how you respond. He explores the role that we can all play in guiding our own individual paths, through finding ways to seek out the positives from our experiences. He explains that by finding the light in dark moments you can find new opportunities and a way forward.  

       4. You can still rise from rock bottom 

Despite the depths of the adversity you are experiencing, it really is possible to find a new purpose and pivot. Listening to the process Alistair went through to come to this realisation was really inspiring – and emphasised to me that hard times can lead to new and incredible destinations.

        5. Embrace your fears, embrace help 

Most pertinently for me, it was hugely insightful hearing the honesty in which Alistair talks about his fears during this time, and what has actually come true for him today. He also discusses what help he needed along the way (after all we all need help), and how this allowed him to start his new journey. Being honest with your fears, gives you the push to confront them and make a real difference in attacking them head on to change your reality. 

Alistair navigates this first episode with humility, deep honesty and a lot of self-awareness. It’s not to be missed!